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Suggested Attack Setups

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Suggested Attack Setups Empty Suggested Attack Setups

Post by MultiEgo on Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:34 pm

Here are some suggestions for how to set up your attacks. This is purely a standard model and you should try to exploit weakness in defence set up where possible. However, if you choose to go in blind (without espionage) then these set ups may work for you.

It is also worth noting that this is for a four wave attack - with an upgrade in the Hall of Legends, you may add a 5th wave, but this will be covered at a later date.

Troop and Tool formation:

Wave 1 (Left flank/centre/Right flank)
Ranged / Ranged / Ranged
Wall + ranged tools / wall + gate + ranged / wall + ranged
Wave 2:
Ranged/ Mix / Ranged
Wall + ranged tools /Wall + gate + ranged or moat / wall + ranged
Wave 3:
Ranged/ Mix (melee heavy) /Ranged
wall + ranged tools/ wall + gate + ranged or moat /wall + ranged
Wave 4:
Melee / Melee / Melee
wall + moat tools / wall + ranged or moat / wall + ranged

Tool Configuration:

For the tools, if you are using armourer tools, then something like this might be an idea:
Wave 1:
20 shields + 10 belfries / 20 shields+ 10 belfries + 10 armourer rams / 20 shields + 10 belfries

If you are using standard ruby tools, then similar number could apply (e.g., 20 iron mantlets + 10 towers). Wooden tools,likewise, though harder to win. If you using them maybe use 25 mantlets and 5 ladders.

Special Tools:

There are tools such as spiked shields and tonnelons that offer a bonus equal to or exceeding armourer ones - and also give a glory bonus.
These can be used on all waves if you so desire, but it is worth noting that if you defeat the wall in your first wave, or first couple, those tools will still be used as glory banners, and will not return to your castle if you win.

Glory Tools:

If you are confident that you will beat the defenders on the wall with ease - or that the target will not change their defence - you can stack up those waves with glory tools.
Examples of these range from red (coin) banners that give a 1% bonus, through to horsetail banners and their equivalent that give up to a 5% glory bonus.
These will always be used - with the exception of opened gates - and are particularly useful against Foreign Invaders.
However, it is not recommended that you fill all waves with banners to gain higher glory if there are a large number of supporting troops in the courtyard, as you need to beat three walls for the 30% combat bonus.


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