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Picking a Target

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Picking a Target Empty Picking a Target

Post by MultiEgo on Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:14 pm

There are many reasons to attack another castle lord. The main reason being - it's a war game. This is what we do! But for anyone struggling to find a reason, here are some methods you may adopt in finding a target that gives you what you want.

Targets for Glory:

Put simply, the more troops you kill, the more glory you get. When looking for these targets, the more troops in the castle, the better. One scenario is a castle that has a lot of attackers in - these are a lot easier to kill, but also give you less glory. It does infuriate opponents though - which is great - and can be a vital tool to success in a war scenario.
Banner up if you want to push the glory boundary out - for banner info - please see suggested attack set ups.  

Targets for Honour:

You get honour by beating a castle Lord whose own honour is within roughly 695 pts of your own. The higher his/her honour, the more you get by attacking them. If you see an inactive player (found by checking the weekly looting leaderboard and typing "99999" into the search box) with high honour, farm it before others do.

We want everyone to maintain a minimum HP of over 1000, but preferably closer to 2000. Supercomm owners should aim to be above the 2500 mark.  


Unless you are going for a massive glory-suicide mission, then you should try to do as much as possible to reduce the chances of your target being supported (or opening the gate if you're after glory).

Some suggestions in this regard: overnight attacks are the best, generally 3-5am arrival is ideal; spy late so that it is more likely they will not be tipped off if your spy fails and also this means your report is more likely to be accurate.

In some cases, and I quote "massive glory-suicide missions" - you may wish to disregard the above and draw as much support as possible. When this is done to great effect using a strong commander with large courtyard bonus - you will wipe out at least half as many troops again as you lost. There are some instances where nearly 5000 troops have been taken out by just over 1400. This is impressive and highly rewarding, as well as being great in identifying potential war victims!

You can find easy looting from players in small alliances or on their own, as well as inactive ones. For glory, you can check the individual rankings and look for players or alliances with high power points as these will be most likely to support and defend in numbers.

Economic spies are a good way to see if the player you are targeting has the resources you need.

You may find that attacking players in outer kingdoms is a more fruitful venture, as many alliances are spread out and cannot support as they do in green.

REMEMBER to check the diplomacy tab and the DNA list before you send your spies.
Breaching these agreements is rare - but can cause a headache for leadership and may come back to bite us later on.
And please check before attacking any occupied rvs or capping outposts - you need to be 100% certain those players have left the game, while not leaving it too late that someone beats you to it!


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