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Storm Islands Guide

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Storm Islands Guide Empty Storm Islands Guide

Post by MultiEgo on Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:22 pm

This is a general guide so don't feel that you have to follow it word for word.

Once you land the first thing to do if you are going to build cargo boats is demolish all the dwellings and defence workshop, then upgrade the Keep (higher the level the better but level 3 is good) as this will speed up cargo ship building.

After the Keep upgraded try to get minimum level 3 storage, that should give you just enough food space to send troops out for islands without running out half way there. As far as res goes initially you will need to transfer it over but once keep/storage upgraded you can attack the res islands (not the forts) for all the wood and stone you will need to expand the walls ( I stopped expanding when it wanted 80k of each for the next expansion). The wood/stone from res islands can go over your storage limit in the same way as aqua from aqua islands will.

So once you have storage level 3 you can start to capture aqua islands. An attack of about 300 troops is best to keep losses to a minimum. Ideally use a fast comm with as much ranged/wall as possible but if you go for close 6h islands you can get away with a slower comm. The tool requirements for 6h and 18h aqua islands are as follows:

18 hour 6 hour

12 ladders 12 ladders

12 rams 10 rams

27 ruby mantlets centre 27 ruby mantlets centre

27 ruby mantlets flanks 22 ruby mantlets flanks

If a 6h island is really close you can use res tools but you cannot completely cover the ranged defence bonus with res tools (fill 1st wave with mantlets middle and flanks) but you will lose more troops than if you use ruby mantlets. It all depends on how many troops you can afford to lose (always use all ranged troops). If an island is further out or an 18h then it's best to use ruby mantlets, everyone wants the 18h islands so you have to get to them quick.

From memory the 6h aqua islands will give you 11k aqua and 18h 55k.

The main thing is to keep an eye on the food, you might need to do a bit of transferring about of food and/or troops to stop desertions.

* One last thing, there is an unwritten rule in Storm that players do not attack each other there. If you are attacked you have the right to attack that player back *


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