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The Battle for Berimond Guide

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The Battle for Berimond Guide Empty The Battle for Berimond Guide

Post by MultiEgo on Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:31 pm

What is The Battle for Berimond? confused

Berimond is an event that runs usually for 6 days. The aim is to defeat the opposition's capital, by destroying one of three lines of watchtowers that lead there.

Once these towers are destroyed, the capital can be attacked. If this falls - then player camps can be destroyed in a "last man standing" battle for the win.

The Rewards cheers

The rewards in Berimond (henceforth called "Beri") are good - there are tools, troops, armour and decorations available - and for comparatively small efforts to other events.

The Gallantry System king

Gallantry points are similar to glory - you earn them for hitting watchtowers (wt) or enemy camps. The number of gallantry points you earn depends on the level of wt and troops in an enemy camp. But you can also earn glory points in Berimond from hitting camps.

The gallantry points you earn give you access to the personal prizes, but also go towards you Gallantry Rank and unlock titles with their own set of benefits.

You can choose whether to display your glory titles or gallantry titles - or a mix of both in the respective menus on screen.

There are special troops you can unlock at certain gallantry ranks - and these are comparable to the ones you get in glory ranks - and about the same cost too.

At the very high levels - you can achieve flank or front bonuses and speed and food production ones too. Very worth doing if you can keep up with the demands of constant battle!

Gallantry points are kept after the event ends - and your rank and it's perks are also kept. But they will decrease by a certain %age every day while the event is inactive.

The next time you enter the campaign - you will start again on the personal quest for prizes at 0 - but your overall gallantry will follow over in the leaderboards and you can fight for better titles as each Beri event comes about.

This is a very effective way to replicate the glory ranking system for those less dedicated to decimating real enemies - or with less time to locate targets and plan complex attacks.

What do I do first? study

Firstly - I advise you select one of the top two camps when entering Beri. One will cost you 9k wood and 9k stone, the other will cost rubies. But these camps are already partially built - and mean you can crack on with the event with minimum fuss. Go for the lowest costing camp and you will be forever behind.

Very first act once you've entered Beri - as with any other event - set up your castellan and defence! I believe it is customary to defend the centre in Berimond - as very little support is offered to camps, and using a strong gate cast with high combat bonus is advised. Remember to tool up - though perhaps no need to spend on ruby tools as attacks are infrequent in the watchtower phase.

Push your walls out and upgrade towers at your leisure - and remember - you don't burn or lose honour in Beri - but your camp can be destroyed in last man standing.

Ok - so what next? Arrow

Upgrade your Training Grounds. This is where you produce Auxiliary troops - they don't eat food, and they cos quite a bit - but they recruit really quickly and are reasonably good in both attack and defence.

You must be prepared for them not to show up on spy reports - so beware of that.

You also need to upgrade the Auxiliary HQ - to allow more space for these troops.

If you want more room for normal troops, upgrade your tents, but remember that will reduce morale and thus attack power.

Morale Very Happy

Morale is like public order - except it's predominantly about how strong your attacks will be. Morale is reduced by tents, and increased with decorative items. Keep this number high - it can go up to 200% as far as I've seen so far, and probably beyond.

The Route to the capital bounce

There are three main routes to the capital. These are lines of wts that must be defeated. The number of hits required increases the further you go along the route.

Each wt has 3 rvs that can be captured once the tower has fallen - but be quick! They go like hot cakes. You don't keep them for long - but they take res production away from the opposition - so make sure you grab them if nobody else does.

There is a subtle difference between the lines of wts.

Route 1: Tough - more hits required overall - despite taking fewer hits to destroy the final wt. There is potentially more gallantry to be earned this way - but defeating the Capital via this route seems highly unlikely. This is the route that GGE will send you down using the "to the front" button - so beware!

Route 2: Slightly easier - fewer hits required and probably less gallantry than the first route. Still quite hard to reach the capital.

Route 3: Much easier - as many as 5k fewer hits - this line, if followed by all from the start is by far the easiest route. However it is often ignored in these early days of the new revised Berimond.

It's the current belief of the author of this post - that these routes are designed as such to test our ability to work as a team - and to play on the desire of individuals vs the greater benefit of the team.

We will always try to win Beri - as we're uber competitive, and the only "I" in Celtics.. is IN CELTICS!

Suggested setup for attacks:

Spy first, and remember the wts don't have casts.

You can get away with either fully tooling the defence bonuses to 0% - which is very expensive if you want a top 100 finish. Or you can go with no tools at all and rely on your troop production keeping up with losses.

I would advise going with full wall bonus and gate reduction and SOME mantlets (about 10 per zone). The reason being that once the wts get to a certain level, you can't keep up with the losses, even in a banquet - and if you find that you can, then perhaps you're not hitting the towers often enough! Wink

Tool stripping is possible in Beri - after the 2nd wave, there are no tools - but you should remember there are troops in the courtyard that you have to beat too - so numbers are important. I would advise against tool stripping in this event for that reason.

What about after the battle? Where does my stuff go?

After the battle is over - your regular troops and tools will return to your main castle in green.

Resources (which cannot be transferred to OR from Beri) will waste. Your camp will be demolished and all your auxiliary troops will be taken outside and shot. Nobody likes them anyway.

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

Beri is still a very new event in it's revised format - so I'm sure there will be more to add at a later date - but this is in essence, the general gist of Beri as we see it now.

Happy hunting and enjoy the Battle!


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