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Berimond - Getting Started

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Berimond - Getting Started Empty Berimond - Getting Started

Post by Chris2307 on Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:09 am

Berimond Guide

Getting Started Quickly

Follow these instructions for getting started in Berimond quickly and efficiently. For more general information, skip to the next section.

*** You should select the middle camp option when going in to Berimond ***

1. Recruit 5 troops.
2. Delete market place.
3. Build supply storehouse.
4. Upgrade Training Grounds (Skip for free).
5. Build 5 drill grounds. (1x 10min + 1 x 30min skip and then finish for free)
6. Upgrade Training Grounds.(1 x 10min skip then finish for free)

---- At this point you should have close to 300 troops ----

7. Continue to recruit ranged troops until the objectives for 500 troops is complete
8. Upgrade Aux HQ as soon as you have the res.You will be just short of res if you've skipped everything. Demolishing the two war banners may get you there or waiting a little bit.
9. Send wooden mantlets over. If you have loads of gold, purchase some.

10. On your best commander (with courtyard), attack a watchtower using the following setup:

Wave 1 - Tool sweep
Wave 2 - Tool sweep
Wave 3 - All ranged (15 mantlets on both flanks and middle)
Wave 4 - All melee (and any remaining ranged)

11. When you have enough res, continue to upgrade the Auxilarie's HQ and Training Ground
12. Keep recruiting
13. Keep hiting Watchtowers
14. Once Aux HQ and Training Ground maxed out, begin expanding your camp and build drillgrounds to improve morale

Don't build or upgrade tents
Get a couple more storehouses in when you can afford it
Send troops to the capital when not online. Do not waste effort defending
Drillgrounds require 1x10 minute skip and a 1x30minute skip before you can finish for free
Holding a feast to recruit troops very quickly is the key to doing well

Further Information

Berimond is an event that typically runs for between 3 and 5 days. There are two factions (red and blue) and the aim is to defeat the opposition's capital, by destroying one of three lines of enemy watchtowers that lead there. Once these towers are destroyed, the capital can be attacked. If this falls - then player camps can be destroyed in a "last man standing" battle for the win. Realistically, this will never happen and never has happened. Being on blue or red team effectively makes no difference other than the top 50 equipment pieces you can win.

The Rewards

The rewards in Berimond are very good for the cost of the event. The activity rewards contain tools, troops, gift packages and material bags. Better still, common material bags are easily obtained via the activity rewards making this even possibly the best for collecting fine sand and bricks to level up your construction yard building items. A good decoration and some gems are also available towards the end of the activity rewards. An active player can expect to easily achieve between 10k - 15k gallantry points in a day, without using boosters so these prizes are not out of reach! The top 100 and top 50 prizes are not game-changing but worth the effort if you are nearing those prize brackets towards the end.

The Gallantry System

Gallantry points are similar to glory - you earn them for hitting watchtowers (WT) or enemy camps. The number of gallantry points you earn depends on the level of WT and troops in an enemy camp. But you can also earn glory points in Berimond from hitting camps. It is highly reccomended that you stick to WTs in Berimond as you will gain significantly more gallantry points and incure far fewer losses. It is fun to attack player camps on the final night for glory and a few extra gallantry points though.

The gallantry points you earn contribute to your activity points and the activity rewards you win during the event but also get added to your total gallantry points, a little like how Glory contributes to your activity rewards in the Foreign Invasion and Bloodcrows but also to your overall Glory score. Again, similarly to how Glory works, you get a title corresponding to how many gallantry points you have with each one giving you different bonuses. You can select whether to display your glory or gallantry title in the title screen (the bonuses for both titles are still active, even though you only display one).

There are special troops you can unlock at certain gallantry ranks (Imperial troops) which are comparable to the ones you get in the glory rankings (Kingsguard troops). The Imperial troops are slightly stronger than the Kingsguards. Additionally, the gallantry titles can give you food boosts making Berimond a lucrative event. Like Glory, Gallantry points are kept after the event ends but they will decrease by a certain percentage every day, even when the event is active.

How to attack a Watchtower

It's explained briefly in the getting started quick instructions at the top but there's an efficient way of attacking watchtowers (WT) which is a compromise between tool usage and troop losses. Having a good commander with a high courtyard bonus is the trick to keeping your troop losses down. A bit of wall is preferable but not nessecary as you will be tool sweeping. WT tools are just 2 deep which is why you should tool sweep wave 1 and 2. Hitting both flanks and the middle on wave 3 is reccomended because you get the +30% courtyard bonus which keeps losses down (remember that you're only sending two full waves of troops).

Hitting with 100% ranged troops and 15 mantlets on each of the flanks and centre during wave 3 will break through every single time with few losses. Packing wave 4 with melee troops and remaining ranged you may have less will easily kill the rest in the courtyard. If you are short on mantlets, it is possible to go without. You can choose to not tool sweep and send 50% melee and 50% ranged troops on wave 1 with ladders and rams. Pack in some more troops for the courtyard and you will win but generally speaking, your total losses will be about double that of the above method due to higher wall losses.

You can also choose to send ranged and mantlets on wave 1 on 1 flank and centre, using some ladders and rams but I find the losses are about the same, sometimes more and you end up using ladders/rams when you don't need to.


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