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Post by fdisk0 on Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:15 pm

Here is a guide on security and the alliance defence policy.

Guardhouses: Should be kept to a minimum - preferably 4 guardhouses at the highest level you can manage. Too many guardhouses will mean you can't use as many castle decorations - leading to lower public order (PO) and therefore production of resources. If someone really wants to spy you, they will - and many of the big fish go in blind without an espionage report - so the 4 ghs are more to keep sabos at bay.

Standard Offline Defence: Set up for when you are offline is to defend one flank, either the left or right and occasionally flip it around. Centre defence while offline is not advised. Tool slots should all be filled on this flank with multiples of 5 tools (Armourer tools are best) to cover all waves of an attack. Don't forget moat tools. Ratios of ranged and melee on the wall may vary depending on your level - but a safe bet would be to have 70%m/30%r.
This defence has been found the most effective for us against strong attacks and gives supporting players the best chance to defend a member under attack. If you don't have the correct setup - you may be denied support.

Walls: Need to be built out as far as you can as quickly as possible (ask a Treasurer for help with res if needed) with highest possible level towers. This set up gives the maximum number of men on the walls and supporting troops will always fill spaces here first, replacing any weaker defenders.

Watchtowers: Watchtowers should be installed at every castle and outpost as soon as you can. A level one watchtower will give you a 20% early detection, and could make all the difference in a supercomm or sneakycomm attack. Ideally you should have watchtowers at level 3 or above, and research into early detection can be done at the research tower during the researcher event.

Castellan: Your castellan should have a preference towards melee combat bonus - 90% being the maximum. And a gem bonus favouring courtyard troop strength. Of course, a 90/90 cast will be your aim, with other bonuses (wall, gate, moat, early detection and yard bonus) being very important too. These attributes are best found with unique armour from events or special purchases, but can also be found on pieces from looting NPC targets (aka robber barons).

Stables: Support speed in Celtics is maxed out. But to ensure you have the best support times, stables should be built and upgraded (max level 3) in all castles. This will also benefit you in attack.

Any queries will be answered in chat by a ranking officer or other experienced member.

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