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Max Level RBC set ups.

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Max Level RBC set ups. Empty Max Level RBC set ups.

Post by MultiEgo on Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:54 pm

You should aim to have as many max level Robber Baron Castles (rbc) as possible. These are the kingdom npc towers that you will gain coin and resources from. This is an essential part of the game, earning you equipment and gems that can be used or sold or forged into new improved pieces in the smithy.

Below are proven set ups to attack the maxed towers, which are level 81 in green, 51 in Ice, 61 in Sand and 71 in FP.


Good 90/90 commander needed. More courtyard the better and wall/gate bonuses will help keep those tools to a minimum.

Leave left flank empty. All ranged troops on middle and right flank for wave 1. Negate wall and gate with ladders and rams. Remaining space for tools should be wooden mantlets, up to a maximum of 20 (saving tools). Remaining three flanks on middle and right flank should be a nice mixture of melee and ranged troops. You'll get between 40 and 60 losses.


High melee comm and no tools required.

Middle all melee all waves. Right flank - sweep first 2 waves then melee 3rd and 4th wave (Left flank leave empty).


High ranged/wall comm

Fill both flanks with ranged for all waves (leave middle empty) and enough ladders to cover the wall on first wave (17 ladders left flank and 18 right if no comm wall bonus).

Fire Peaks:

FIRE - mixed comm

1st wave all ranged (18 ladders left/right flank, 17 ladders 21 rams middle if no comm bonus).
2nd wave all melee.
3rd wave melee middle.

Looting Commanders:

You may want to set up a looting comm. These can have up to 70% looting bonus as standard, with both gems and heroes allowing greater levels of loot from NPC targets or other castle lords. These are especially effective if you have a combat/wall/gate bonus.


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